Private Online Math Tutoring

Personalized pathways to math mastery for improved understanding and confidence. 

Homework can be a breeze when tackled with confidence.

WiseKinde will simplify the math situation in your life as we work individually with your child to nourish their math skills.

“Before working with WiseKinde, my boys would fight with me to do homework. Now they complete everything with their tutor and we don’t fight anymore.”
– Sarah, mom of 4th and 6th grader

Private Math Tutoring For 3rd-6th Graders

For the parent who wants their child to find their confidence and success in math now so their child’s math journey is full of joy and empowerment going forward.

We recommend 45-minute sessions 1 x week so we can

  • Build foundational math fluency skills
  • Cover topics from class
  • Bridge understanding gaps from past math experiences
  • Create opportunity for math exploration and problem solving

Pay-as-you-go or pick a package for extra savings.


for 45-minute virtual sessions

Pay as you go

1 Session
Expires 1 month from purchase



Save $21

4 Sessions
Expires 2 months from purchase



Save $107

12 Sessions
Expires 4 months from purchase

$577 *Payment Plan Available*


Save $253

20 Sessions
Expires 8 months from purchase

$887 *Payment Plan Available*

“My son has gone from failing math to getting an A and enjoying math again. His tutor is thoughtful and explains the material well.  I highly recommend WiseKinde for a math tutor.”
– Ella, mom of 11th grader

Private Math Tutoring For 7th-12th Graders

For the parent who wants to create a positive learning experience around math so their child can see the possibility they have in learning math and life beyond high school.

We recommend 55-minute sessions 1 x week so we can

  • Review and complete homework assignments
  • Strengthen math skills that don’t make sense yet
  • Support your child in completing tasks, without taking over their thinking
  • Build flexibility in thinking to allow multiple methods to solve problems

Pay-as-you-go or pick a package for some extra savings.


for 55-minute virtual sessions

Pay as you go

1 Session
Expires 1 month from purchase



Save $31

4 Sessions
Expires 2 months from purchase



Save $127

12 Sessions
Expires 4 months from purchase

$677 *Payment Plan Available*


Save $313

20 Sessions
Expires 8 months from purchase

$1027 *Payment Plan Available*

Your child’s journey is unique, and so is our approach to online math tutoring.

No need for pre-assessments; our tutors’ expertise allows us to adapt and catch up in real-time based on your child’s needs. If there’s a need for longer sessions to get back on track or to reinforce understanding, we’re ready to go the distance.

Getting started is as simple as a call or text. Reach out today, and let’s make math a subject of joy and success for your child. Book your free consultation now and see how at WiseKinde, we do math differently, ensuring that tiny habits create big changes in your child’s academic life.

FAQ About Online Math Tutoring

Is tutoring a good investment for my child?

Absolutely. Whether your child is striving for excellence, aiming to master a subject like math, or needing just a bit of support to make it through, our personalized tutoring is designed to help them achieve their academic aspirations.

Are all your tutors qualified teachers?

Indeed, every tutor in our team comes with authentic classroom experience. With over 90 years of collective teaching under our belts, we’re equipped to bring educational expertise to every session.

How do we manage scheduling and payments?

Simplicity is key. We use an app called Fons for all scheduling and billing needs. You’ll manage everything from your secure account, from booking sessions to handling payments.

Can’t my child receive adequate help from their school teacher?

Classroom teachers are fantastic resources, but our 1:1 tutoring offers a more personalized, consistent, and flexible approach. We provide undivided attention that extends beyond the brief moments available after school.

Is online tutoring effective for all children?

Online tutoring is a powerful tool, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. We promise to be upfront with you if we feel it’s not meeting your child’s learning needs.

What if my child has physical homework assignments?

No problem at all! Just send us a photo or a scanned copy of the homework, and we’ll use it seamlessly with our digital whiteboard during the session.

How does tutoring work if my child’s work is online?

Your child can share their screen with us during the session. We can directly interact with their screen or use screenshots on our whiteboard to provide step-by-step guidance.

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens! You can cancel your appointment without any fees as long as you do so at least 24 hours in advance.

How can I help my child prepare for their tutoring session?

Creating a conducive learning environment can make a big difference. Set up a quiet study space with a comfortable chair and desk, adequate lighting, and necessary supplies like pencils, paper, a calculator, and anything else they may need for a successful learning session.

What subjects do you cover in tutoring?

We specialize in math tutoring for K-12 students and lower level college. Our elementary tutors are also great with elementary reading, writing, and fundamentals.

Do you offer any group sessions or workshops?

Currently, our focus is on 1:1 tutoring to ensure personalized attention and customized learning experiences. However, we’re open to discussing group workshops if there’s enough interest!

How do you tailor sessions to fit my child’s unique learning style?

Each child learns differently, which is why our tutors rely on their teaching experience to quickly adapt to your child’s needs. We are quick to notice when one method isn’t working and can tailor our teaching methods and materials to match their learning style, ensuring they engage with the material in the most effective way possible.