About Us

Math Tutoring Tailored for Your Success

In the heart of every child’s academic journey, there’s a subject that seems like an insurmountable peak.

For many, it’s math—a trail of numbers and equations that often leads to stress rather than triumph. But what if this path could be different? What if math could be a trail of discovery, empowerment, and even joy? That’s the journey we’ve dedicated ourselves to at WiseKinde.

Our team isn’t just made up of tutors; we’re educators, advocates, and cheerleaders. As certified teachers with classroom experience, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges and breakthroughs of learning. We’ve shared in the struggles and celebrated the victories. We’re here to offer not only our expertise, but also our unwavering support and understanding.

Why us?

We believe being the math homework help your child needs should be easy.

We believe in doing math differently.

We believe math matters.

We believe tiny habits can lead to monumental changes.

With WiseKinde, there’s no one-size-fits-all math approach.

Every child’s learning style is as unique as their fingerprint, and that’s why we offer the flexibility to find the tutor that clicks with your child, ensuring a tailored fit that can make all the difference. Or, we offer the support you need to help your child do math, because you know your child best.

We seek families who are just as committed as we are to the journey—not just chasing grades, but building understanding and capability. So, if you’re ready to embrace a new way of learning math, to help your child discover their potential and tackle math with confidence, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Your child’s confidence in math is just the beginning. The real victory is in the resilience and skills they build along the way—qualities that will serve them through high school and beyond. We’re in this for the long haul, for the doors that will open in the future, for the moments when they’ll face a challenge and say, “I’ve got this.”

“I got behind in my college statistics class. Fortunately, I got lucky and found an awesome tutor! She not only understood the information extremely well, but her ability to teach and clearly help me reason through the material was so helpful!”
– Becky, statistics student

“My son and I would constantly fight when I was trying to help him and to preserve our relationship I looked for a tutor from WiseKinde. They were very patient in breaking down the concepts and my son was able to get caught up.”
– Jane, mom of 4th grader

“He has gone from failing math to getting an A and enjoying math again.  She is thoughtful and explains the material well.  I highly recommend WiseKinde for a math tutor.”
– Ella, mom of 11th grader

Who’s behind the team of math teachers at WiseKinde?

I’m not just a passionate math educator, I’m also a parent.

And while I’d love to gush about how wonderful my experience in the education industry has been––yep, 18 years of it––or how I’ve worked in every type of school from drop out recovery high schools, to high SES schools and everything in between, I know my true passion is working with you and your child.

Parenting is hard. I’m also in the trenches with my kids every day in an intricate dance of time, skills, and patience. Through my lens as both an educator and a parent, I’ve come to appreciate the delicate balance required to meet the diverse needs of children.

Join me on this journey, where my passion for education and firsthand understanding of the challenges parents face intersect. Let’s navigate the complexities together and make the path of learning and math a bit more enjoyable and manageable for all.