Hit A Math Roadblock? Take A Picture And We’ll Solve It in A Snap.

On-demand certified math teachers that work directly with you so you can help your child do math.

Imagine being the math homework helper your child needs, getting the math done with confidence and ease.

Picture this…

The relationship with your child is strengthened because doing math is an adventure not a chore.

You know how to do math, and you can explain it in a way that makes sense to your child.

You have a team of expert math teachers ready to guide you through any math that doesn't make sense.

Your time is spent with your child discovering math together.

Your child blooms into a confident, capable critical thinker with you leading the way.

Text with video response for the math question that was emailed to us
Parent helping child do math but getting stuck


Your dreams now include raising happy, capable kids.

I know you want to be a parent of a child who feels like they can do hard things and be successful in life. In order to set your child up for success you are dedicating your time and effort in the areas that are a struggle. You are willing to find extra help when needed, to show your child that through hard work and determination anything is possible.

I believe in giving you the power and resources to help you get math done with your child. I also believe that everyone can do math, with the right support. I understand your dedication, which is why I created the Monthly Math Pass. I want to help 100’s of families, just like yours, do math differently, and feel empowered and ready to tackle all of the hard things they will encounter.

unique and amazing teachers

years of teaching experience

families doing math better

“At school, his test scores and overall abilities have increased, and his teachers have mentioned that he is making leaps and bounds in his progress. I don’t have to worry that he is falling behind or not understanding his homework anymore.” 
Catherine, mom of 3rd grader

Get Math Help in 3 Simple Steps


Join the Monthly Math Pass

Start any day of the month! Need help this week? Let’s go!


Send math questions to us

Snap a picture and send your questions to our teachers.


Happy dance the math is done

Get the answers and understanding so you can get the math done.

“She has an A in math. She seems like she’s thriving.”
– Erica, mom of 6th grader

We believe being the math helper your child needs should be easy.

Get the monthly math pass

Get help from a teacher when you need it most. Hello, super parent helping get the math done!

Add joy to math

With help from our teachers, you’ll better understand the math and avoid the stress around math.

Enjoy more time as a family

Math gets done in no time. What will you do with the extra time to enjoy as a family?

Our approach is unique because it gives you:

Access to knowledgeable teachers

Snap a picture and send it to us. One of our teachers will get a video explanation with HOW to get the answer (and of course, the answer)

Empowerment to help your child

Take control of the learning and show your child that everyone can do math.

Back to the basics

You will be able to spend more joyful moments with your kids because getting homework done will no longer take all night.


Math Pass

What’s Included for $47/month:


On Demand Tutors

Get the help you need when you need it! Snap a picture and send it in. Questions submitted by 7 PM MST will get a response returned by 10 PM MST. 


Expert Help from Certified Teachers

You get a personalized video response to your child’s math questions from certified math teachers. You get the answer to the problem, plus how to actually do the problem.


Discounted 1-on-1 Tutoring

As a Monthly Math Pass member you get 1-on-1 tutoring for 65 USD per hour.


Monthly Math Resource

These activities are 10 minutes or less of fun, easy to do math. You will bring math into your life without the struggle, and you will help your child learn to find joy in math.

 Turn your evening math homework sessions into empowering time with you and your child.

Together, let’s give you the resources you need to make math time a no stress, fun experience for you and your child.




FAQ About Math Pass

Who is this pass for?

Parents of young learners who want to feel empowered and capable of helping their child learn math, but need some extra resources to get it done. Older, independent learners who just need help with a question or two.

Does this replace 1-on-1 tutoring?

For some learners it might; however, there might still be times when a longer, live sessions will be beneficial for your child.

I have a high schooler, is this for me?

Maybe. If your older math learner is doing well on their own, but occasionally has questions they need help with, this would work well for them.

How long does it take to get a video response?

Our goal is to get videos returned ASAP. The return time will never be more than 2 business days, but will likely come much faster.