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Give your child the tools to conquer any schoolwork with confidence.

“…from being totally math-phobic to scoring 100% on her next math test!”

Make math the highlight of the evening with your child.

Imagine the possibility.


The relationship with your child is strengthened because doing math homework isn’t a struggle.


Your child’s self esteem sky rockets because they are succeeding in math and know they can do hard things.


Math time with your child is full of statements like, “I figured it out!” and “This has been hard, but I did it!”


Your child can't stop telling you all the new math skills they're learning and the exciting math celebrations they're having.

I get it. Your dreams now also include teaching your child the skills they need so they can learn to thrive through any challenge.




You want your child to build their confidence and problem solving skills, while excelling in math.

For your child, you want math to be a trail of numbers and equations that leads to triumph and success. This math path can be full of discovery, empowerment, and even joy. That’s the journey I’ve dedicated myself to creating at WiseKinde.

I also believe, with the right support, everyone can do math. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help parents, just like you, do math differently. I’ve brought together a team of amazing educators to offer our expertise and support on your math journey.

“It’s been so helpful to be able to schedule help as needed for my kids. We love WiseKinde.”
– Tyra mom of 8th, 9th, and 11th grader

Getting Started With Our Math Tutors


Schedule a call to choose the right support.

We will help you choose the right program and tutor for your child.


Relax knowing your child is getting expert help.

Our teachers guide from “I don’t get this.” to “Oh, I get it!”


Watch your child thrive in their math class.

Your child gains confidence and skills to excel.

“The tutor was amazing and “S” really liked her. “S” actually showed me some of the math games they did afterwards which she doesn’t normally do.”
– Jane, mom of 6th grader

You can be the math homework helper your child needs.

Expert Guidance

Feel empowered knowing you have knowledgeable teachers working with you to provide the support your child needs.

Boost Confidence

Your child will feel supported and understood as they conquer math challenges and build their resilience.

Increase Family Harmony

Get more joy and time back because math gets done faster, with more understanding, and no crying

“WiseKinde is working wonders with my 6th grader. She went from being totally math-phobic to scoring 100% on her next math test. WiseKinde doesn’t just teach math, they show genuine interest in their clients.”
– Melissa,  mom of 6th grader

Here’s how WiseKinde math tutors are unique.


We’re not just tutors; we’re experienced educators who bring our wisdom from classroom teaching to personal tutoring.


We make math a positive experience for your child. By leveraging the expertise of teachers and a supportive environment, we aim to transform math.

A Better Future:

Empower your child with confidence and practical skills that will last a lifetime. It’s not just about tackling math today—it’s about keeping all future doors wide open

Let’s reclaim your evenings and do math better together.

So, how can we help you unlock your child’s potential?

1:1 Online Math Tutoring

Personalized attention where your child’s needs set the pace. Each session is tailored to tackle specific challenges, ensuring concepts click and confidence soars.

Math Pass

Our monthly membership grants unlimited help, providing support to overcome any math hurdle. It’s like having a math expert in your family, available when you need them.

Curriculum Reviews

Equip your child with our expert-crafted guides, designed to offer quick help and reinforce learning.

“I have never caught on quickly but she is very patient and is able to explain the same thing, in different ways, until I was able to understand them. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in school!”
Sarah, Math 1010 student

Get Your Child Excited About Learning Math

Together, we’ll support your child as they become an eager, lifelong learner.

We’ll help your child develop a growth mindset, problem solving abilities, and self confidence, and we’ll get the math done.